Additional partners: Food and Agriculture Organization Programme for Community IPM in Asia; Tri Esa Foundation; National IPM Training Program; Farmer Initiatives for Ecological Literacy and Democracy (FIELD)/Indonesia.

The partners collaborated on research, education, and outreach activities to develop and conduct integrated pest management (IPM) for major vegetable crops grown in the fragile ecosystems of North Sulawesi. Their efforts were geared toward reducing excessive reliance by the local farmers on chemical fertilizers and pesticides which pose grave community health and environmental risks.

The partners conducted field studies to evaluate IPM options for insect control on tomatoes, cabbage, and onion in three villages in the Lake Tondano area. In addition, they exchanged five junior faculty members from the Universitas Sam Ratulangi and initiated an IPM trainers-of-trainers session for local farmers.

The success of the partnership yielded at least one unanticipated outcome: Universitas Sam Ratulangi received approval from Indonesia’s Ministry of Education to offer a Ph.D. program in Entomology, the first Ph.D. program at the Universitas Sam Ratulangi Faculty of Agriculture.

At a Glance

Partner Institutions:

Clemson University; Universitas Sam Ratulangi


Southeast Asia


Nov 2002–Sep 2004

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