Additional partners: Indiana Consortium for International Programs—USAID/Macedonia, USAID/Europe and Eurasia Bureau; Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe; Sabre Foundation.

This special initiative supported the institutional capacity of South East European University as a new multilingual, multiethnic institution offering a Western-style curriculum, high-quality teaching, action-oriented research, and community outreach.

Among significant accomplishments, the partnership developed and taught an intensive English as a Second Language (ESL) program for students and professionals at South East European University (SEEU), redesigned the SEEU computer center and trained 22 full- and part-time instructors.

The partners established a one-semester computer literacy curriculum, required of all students, and sponsored visits to SEEU by U.S. faculty in business, education, communications, law, and public administration to consult on curriculum design, teach courses, offer faculty workshops, and conduct joint research projects.

The partners selected and enrolled six SEEU junior faculty for M.A. fellowships at Indiana University and other Indiana institutions; these faculty then returned to teaching at SEEU. Also, the partners enrolled SEEU ESL teachers in an online certificate course in language education, the first at any Macedonian university.

SEEU’s Chief Information Technology Officer took a three-week training program in university information systems technology at Indiana University, and ten IT instructors from SEEU have undertaken a second distance IT course leading to an Indiana University certificate.

During the course of the partnership, the SEEU library received some 16,000 textbooks and reference materials, donated by the Sabre Foundation. An Indiana University library consultant visited SEEU for two weeks and an SEEU librarian traveled to Indiana for a month of training. SEEU also received educational support equipment—such as whiteboards and projectors—from Indiana University partners.

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Indiana University; South East European University




Oct 2001–Sep 2006

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