This partnership created a self-sustaining network of colleges and universities in the United States and Latin America—through both North-South and South-South collaborations—to strengthen public administration and management education. The partnership's goals were to ensure transparent and accountable government institutions and to increase civil society's participation in public affairs and political processes.

The partnership published a widely-disseminated textbook on decentralization and public administration. It also provided financial support for nine technical assistance and four policy research partnerships among universities. The partnership also created the Inter-American Network for Public Administration Education (INPAE), the only network of higher education institutions of public administration and public management in the Americas.

In 2003, the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration and INPAE convened meetings in Brazil and Panama of multiple U.S. and Latin American universities to discuss initial steps toward institutionalizing INPAE as a formal entity capable of promoting and sustaining an inter-American association of public administration schools. INPAE was formally established later that year.

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Sep 1999–Sep 2003

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