In Senegal, the government outlined a 10-year plan for improving basic education. Two key priorities of this plan were to: (1) increase middle school enrollment so that at least half of all primary school graduates are able to finish middle school and (2) improve the quality of vocational training.

This partnership supported these goals through teacher training in information communication technologies (ICT) and health education, thereby increasing the capacity of middle school teachers to educate and engage middle school students.

The partners established a service-learning program at Université Alioune Diop de Bambey (formerly Université de Bambey) using a train-the-trainer model and leveraged the program to deliver French-language print and video materials for service-learning training and health education, as well as to train to teachers at targeted middle schools to use technology to deliver health education. Access to computers, digital cameras, and software led to a growing library of digital productions on locally relevant topics such as malaria, the dangers of tobacco use, hygiene, and others—produced by middle school students in Bambey and other nearby towns.  

At a Glance

Partner Institutions:

Fairfield University; Université Alioune Diop de Bambey (formerly Université de Bambey )


Sub-Saharan Africa


Oct 2010–Dec 2013

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